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5605 Skytop Dr
Lithia, FL 33547

137 Harbor Village Lane
Apollo Beach, FL 33572

Serving the Lithia, Riverview,
Fish Hawk and Apollo Beach communities.

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A Positive Dental Experience

At Watts Dental, we know that many people are anxious or fearful about trips to the dentist. At the very least, they don’t find the idea of a visit fun. We aim to change these negative feelings about the dentist and create a positive experience for your whole family.

We have found many ways to achieve a better dental experience. You can expect to enter a welcoming and comfortable office environment with friendly and compassionate staff members. We accommodate your busy lifestyle with extended hours and flexible scheduling, even offering same day appointments for emergencies. We also take dental insurance, offer specials and provide financing options to reduce the cost burden of proper dental care. Further, we follow an ethical approach that focuses on your needs over profits, finding ways to provide treatment in the least intensive manner and the fewest number of visits possible.

Once you’re in the dentist’s chair, we use additional ways to help you relax. We offer pain relief and sedation to minimize pain and help you feel relaxed during your cleaning or treatment. Express your concerns and fears to us so we can address them and create a better experience.

5-Star Google Reviews

  • Debra Indorato Avatar

    Best dental practice I’ve found in the area. Staff is friendly, helpful, and communicate effectively. No surprises. They let you know up front what your out of pocket will be, explain it thoroughly, work with your insurance company to make sure you are getting the coverage due, and even recommend the best insurance companies for your needs. The office is very clean. The docs are very thorough and make sure you’re comfortable through all of your procedures. The office seems to have the latest and greatest technology. I’m really glad I changed to Watts Dental.

    Debra Indorato 10/07/2020
  • A J Rana Avatar

    Considering all things, going to Watts dental is one of the best decisions I've ever made..
    From the first visit it has been their mission to give the best care.. The attention to patient comfort and care has been superlative. I'm having full implants done, and could not be happier with the treatment and excellent team of true professionals.

    A J Rana 10/04/2020
  • Stacie Leonard Avatar

    Best dentist ever. I have had an old bridge in place since my teens that has had issues. My previous dentist had no plans to address it so I sought out another dentist. Dr Watts and his team came up with a plan and have been the best to deal with.

    I got Invisalign to adjust the spacing and 2 implants to make my smile perfect. The entire 2 year plan has been great with the team at Watts showing concern and dedication the whole time so I never had issue or was left with a time where I was missing my 2 front teeth.

    The entire staff makes me feel welcome and I always feel like I am their top priority. I can not recommend Watts Dental enough. They are the absolute best.

    Stacie Leonard 10/03/2020
  • Mike Johnson Avatar

    State of the art technology, knowledgeable technicians and Doctors. Was greeted with smiles (behind the mask of course) and the positive vibe continued through the experience. THEY WERE ON TIME. The facility was incredibly clean. Technician got my teeth clean without jabbing anything into my gums like some do either from being in a hurry, don’t care or inexperienced. Really nothing that I would even suggest to improve upon. Great job!

    Mike Johnson 10/01/2020
  • John Stewart Avatar

    My Experience with Dr. Watts was electrifying! They entire office staff was charged with an exciting electric positivity! I was shocked as how seriously they are taking their COVID-19 protocols to keep everyone safe. Highly recommend their services

    John Stewart 9/29/2020
  • Avery Thayer Avatar

    Watts Dental provided excellent, superior, and quick service. I am so relieved to have found a great dentist, even better than the one I had before. Dr. Linda is knowledgeable and kind. Tenisha was very reassuring and showed great care. With the advanced technology and caring atmosphere, Watts Dental deserves five stars.

    Avery Thayer 9/24/2020
  • Elana R Avatar

    Hands down the best dental experience I’ve ever had! The office was luxurious and very clean with complimentary beverages, relaxing music and an incredibly friendly, accommodating staff. From the front desk to support staff and dental assistants, every single employee was SO kind and welcoming. The office also has the most adorable emotional support puppies around the office which definitely helps patients feel more at ease! The dentist was very knowledgeable and personable and explained everything I needed to know in great detail. The surgeon Dr.V did an amazing job with my procedure and was an absolute pleasure! I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a dentist. Couldn’t have imagined a better experience!

    Elana R 9/23/2020
  • Lauren C Avatar

    When I think of perfection I think of Watts Dental and their wonderful doctors, specifically Dr. Kornienko. Her patience with me and her expertise made the experience so great and will ensure my coming back. Watts Dental is the best!

    Lauren C 9/23/2020
  • Robert Bowen Avatar

    Watts dental has gone above and beyond in every service Ive had there. They keep their word and make things easy, exactly what you need when going to the dentist. I wont go anywhere else......

    Robert Bowen 9/22/2020
  • Marianne Hamilton Avatar

    We had a very pleasant experience with Watts and his staff. My daughter was very anxious about the appointment and any procedure, but her Dr was very patient with her and spend a lot of time trying to calm her down, the staff was very helpful and kind and always available to help. They are very professional, she takes the time to explain what needs to be done and provides valuable advice , It's not easy to find a good dentist for your kids, I highly recommend Them and her staff for kids and adults.

    Marianne Hamilton 9/18/2020

5-Star Facebook Reviews

  • Allison Tate Avatar

    I cannot recommend Watts Dental highly enough - all staff are professional and very welcoming. The service provided is personalised, professional and upbeat. The business operates with a friendly and fun family feel and this is exactly the model of dentistry I was looking for - my children left their appointment saying it was fabulous. This Dental Practise is without a doubt, offering a level of service I haven't experienced with other local providers. If you are looking for a family friendly, professional and passionate dentist, this is where you will find one.

    Allison Tate 2/18/2018
  • Kat Galindo Avatar

    I LOVE THEM ALL!!! This whole staff is beyond superb! I swear I will never go to another dentist as long as I live lol. Best customer service literally ever... and they do a damn good job of making sure you are comfortable throughout the whole process. They even offered me to smell some essential oils for a calming effect (i wasn't freaking out or anything lol they just offered because they're nice like that �) I love them all! Natasha is an absolute sweetheart and really knows her stuff, and the same for dr watts! This is the best staff/office ever.

    Kat Galindo 2/13/2018
  • Heather Sutherland Avatar

    Wow! First time I didn’t mind going to the dentist. Very friendly staff. They treat you like family there. (The family you actually like that is. �) Definitely check them out if you’re needing any dental care. Beautiful new office with all the latest technology. The whole family just had our cleanings done, and we ordered my son his new Invisaligns. No ugly metal braces like I had at his age (lucky him!); and I love that I won’t have to go to a separate Orthodontist office. Dr. Watts is the BEST! Thanks to everyone there! So glad I came in!!

    Heather Sutherland 2/12/2018
  • Julie Kasinowski Avatar

    I don’t know where to start.. Dr. Watts is the most passionate, personable and knowledgeable dentist I know. I was lucky enough to work with him as a Hygienist for two years and have learned so much in that time.. His work is beautiful and he stands behind anything he does. This is where I would go myself or have my friends and family go to ensure perfection.

    Julie Kasinowski 12/22/2017
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At Watts Dental, we offer a full range of dental services so all of your family's needs are met under one roof. We provide general dentistry and kids' dentistry to care for your family's oral health. Our goal is to partner with our patients and community to prevent future dental concerns through education and awareness. We also offer restorative and orthodontic treatment to restore health and appearance. We are able to improve your look and enhance your smile through cosmetic dentistry. We pride ourselves in giving you the look you desire with the comfort you deserve. For a list of procedures and educational videos please click here. If there is a procedure you need and do not see, please call and ask us.


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5605 Skytop Dr
Lithia, FL 33547

137 Harbor Village Lane
Apollo Beach, FL 33572

(813) 737-7370

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Watts Dental
5605 Skytop Dr
Lithia, FL 33547

137 Harbor Village Lane
Apollo Beach, FL 33572

Phone: (813) 737-7370

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